FAH Leads Program

Real leads for service professionals.

Find-a-Pro Leads Program

How it works and fees

How it Works

Find a Pro Referral Service is our public-facing portal that is open to FAH members and the general public. Homeowners visit the Find a Pro portal to find the service providers that they need for their projects. They simply complete the request form and describe the scope of the work that they need to have done. The lead is then sent to you and up to 2 other service providers (unless the customer requires more quotes). You will need to have a valid credit card on file with us so that it can be debited for the appropriate amount for each lead.

Also be aware that we encourage the homeowner to leave an honest review on our website on how satisfied they are with your service. We value 5-star reviews and as a professional, you should strive for nothing less. Companies with reviews of 3 stars or less could lose their certified status with us and may not be able to participate in any of our lead generating programs or be invited to renew their annual membership. This will help us to maintain the highest standards of excellence that our members and the general public expect and deserve.

Targeted leads

You tell us the type of lead and zip codes that you will accept leads from, and we will make sure that you only receive leads that meet your criteria.

Lead Fees