About FAH

Started in 1996, Florida Association of Homeowners (FAH) is a statewide benefits organization for homeowners. Our goal is to unite homeowners in the Sunshine State under one umbrella, and to provide an array of convenient, money-saving benefits that you can use everyday. Your FAH membership will also help to give us a strong voice at state level to address issues of major concern to all homeowners in the state, as well as giving us the strength that we need to continue negotiating with vendors for additional benefits and services for you.

FAH's primary mission

  • To unite Florida homeowners under one umbrella
  • To promote and support the ideals of home ownership to current and future homeowners
  • To provide information on issues that are important to the homeowners and future homeowners
  • To be the eyes and ears for homeowners at state level - United and Strong!

Who can join

FAH membership is open to all current and future homeowners in the state, including owners of houses, condominiums and manufactured homes, as well as businesses that serve the needs of homeowners. As a group, homeowners represent the most powerful consumer block in Florida, and prior to the formation of FAH, had no organized statewide representation. Through FAH, homeowners are now able to enjoy the recognition, valuable benefits and other unique advantages that come with the status of being a homeowner.

The FAH Difference!

Florida Association of Homeowners differs from local & neighborhood homeowner associations in these important ways:

  • FAH’s mission is statewide in its scope, benefiting all members, regardless of their location
  • FAH offers practical, and tangible benefits to its members
  • FAH is an independent organization in Florida representing the collective needs of homeowners across the state