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As the only statewide benefits organization for homeowners, we need your support to tackle some of the important issues facing homeowners in the state. Your membership also gives us the clout that we need to negotiate the best money-saving offers from a variety of vendors on your behalf. Regardless of the membership level that you choose, free or paid, your participation is equally important. We look forward to having you as a member of Florida Association of Homeowners!

Free Basic Membership Benefits

All members enjoy these benefits

Homeower Perks

Get great perks, including freebies, flash offers and much more!

Special Offers & Discounts

Save money with our business members and other service providers.

Professional Referral Service

Use our pre-screened and certified tradespeople and other professionals.

Members-Only Events

Attend FAH "Members only" events being held across the state.

Meet The Experts

Our live, in-person and online webinars featuring a wide variety of experts sharing important information for homeowners statewide.

Florida Homeowner's Journal

Our monthly newsletter that is filled with valuable information and exclusive offers.

Ask a Pro

Ask questions and get free advice from professionals in various fields.

[In development]

Homeowner Advocacy

Representing homeowner issues at state level.

Certified Real Estate & Insurance Professionals

Whether buying or selling, moving across town or across the state, our certified professionals are here to help you.

Gold Member Benefits

Gold Membership includes all of the great benefits in the Basic Membership.

Here's just a sample of the amazing benefits of your Gold Membership!




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roller coaster


Theme parks, attractions & tours

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Save Thousands of Dollars on...

Auto purchases, oil changes, groceries, movie tickets, cruises, vacations and much more!

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Estate Planning Kit

Including will, Power of Attorney, organization forms and more!

hotel icon


Hotels in 50 countries

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car rental


Car rental locations

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Concerts & events

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Gold Membership

Only $4.16 per month


per year!

Includes Member Decal!

Thousands of dollars in discounts, savings and perks!

Platinum Membership Benefits

Platinum membership includes all of the amazing benefits in the Basic and Gold membership plans, plus our Home Protection Plan, which includes valuable peace-of-mind additions that may reimburse you for losses that you may incur at your home.

Over $3,000 in immediate additional value!

home deductible reimbursment


Home Deductible Reimbursement

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FAH Emergency Lodging benefit


Emergency Lodging Reimbursement

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Up to $500

Appliance & Electronics Reimbursement

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broken glass deductible


Home Glass Breakage Reimbursement

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Home Lockout Reimbursement

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ID Theft

Restoration Service

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All warranty registrations in one place

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Platinum Membership

Only $6.66 per month


per year!

Includes Member Decal!

Fantastic peace-of-mind value for homeowners!